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Who I am as a teacher is a direct result of who I am as a learner. I adopt a participatory, student-centered approach to teaching and learning as I consider this method to be an effective way of maximizing the creative potential of students. To this end, I employ dialogic teaching where I situate myself as a learner-cum-facilitator who models active listening and engagement. I also take a critical approach to curriculum development that underscores commitment to diversity in teaching, assessment and student support.

I strongly believe in multiperspectivity because when people see beyond their own experiences they can begin to understand the complex framework in which education exists. My teaching philosophy is informed by the reflective judgement model (King & Kitchener 1994) and is grounded in the core principles of reciprocity, relevance and value-addedness. My aim is to guide my students to learn how to learn by evaluating and synthesizing various bodies of knowledge.

I am experienced in curriculum planning as well as designing and delivering linguistics, English language and communication studies courses across a range of academic levels. The following is a list of the modules I teach/have taught, categorized by institution:

University of the West of England, United Kingdom

  • UPNQ9P-30-3: Critical Discourse Analysis
  • UPNNWN-15-2: Intercultural Communication
  • UPNNES-15-2: Language of Life
  • UPNQ4J-30-1: Making Meaning

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

  • ENGL2B02: New Media: New Meanings
  • ENGL2B03: Exploring Language in Social Life
  • ENGL2B24: Signs and Space: Semiotic Landscapes around the World
  • ENGL3002: Research Methods for Applied Language Studies

University of Cape Coast, Ghana

  • ENG014: Writing for Second and Foreign Language Learners
  • ENG024: Grammar for Second and Foreign Language Learners
  • ENG101: The Use of English
  • ENG105A/B: Communicative Skills
  • ENG302: Phonetics and Phonology
  • ENG306: Aspects of the Grammar of English
  • ENG401A: Structure and Style

Dissertations supervised

  • Yik Lam Leung - A multimodal discourse analysis of Korean liquor advertisements (B.A. dissertation)
  • E´╗┐sme Whitworth - A discourse analysis of the language used in bereavement stories by young people (B.A. dissertation)
  • Margarita Vasileiou - The discursive representations of LGBTQ+ football fans on social media (B.A. dissertation)
  • Lucas Farndale - An investigation into the relationship between confidence and language efficiency (B.A. dissertation)
  • Jihan Abdi - A critical discourse analysis of the speeches of Malcolm X (B.A. dissertation)